Important Questions to Ask Before a Hair Transplant

We really do not look our best with a receding hairline, hairless patches on our scalp, or thinning hair volume. We may look older than our age, or we may appear haggard. It is truly deglamorizing to have hair loss. It can also strip us of our self-confidence.

There can be so many remedies to disguise the problem. But are you comfortable wearing a bandana all the time? For men, they can choose to wear caps. The wrong thing with caps is that you may not be allowed to use them on some occasions, or else you will be accused of disrespect. Nowadays, there are wigs made from human hair, so they don’t appear artificial. But how reliable are they during a windy day or some other situations?

So far, a hair transplant can be the best solution to hair loss as it allows you to have your natural hair back. But before going to a hair transplant clinic for the procedure, you should ask the following questions.

Who Will Perform the Transplant Procedure on Me?

By asking this question, you should go deeper to see more about the hair growth specialist. You can ask about his educational background and experience as a hair growth specialist. Learning facts about all of these will help you gauge if he is a licensed doctor or a cosmetologist.

Although hair transplant is considered a cosmetic procedure, it should be done by a reputable doctor who has undergone additional training on hair implantation. Be sure to know that he does not only do consultation with you but also does the hair transplantation himself. In some advanced clinics, robots may do the job.

What Transplant Procedure Will Be Done on Me?

Hair implantation can be done through FUT of FUE. FUT or follicular unit transplant is a method wherein a strip of donor skin is removed from which hair follicles are extracted and transferred to areas of hair loss. In contrast, in FUE or follicular unit excision, individual hair follicles are excised straight from the scalp. You ask the hair growth specialist which one works for you.

What Are the Payment Plans Available for Me?

Being able to choose a convenient payment plan can be a factor when choosing a hair growth specialist. Paying in cash may not be the best option if you do not have ready money at the moment. Ask for other options. You don’t have to be bankrupt for trying to be beautiful or handsome once again.…