Factors That Make Up An Excellent Parkour Shoe

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Parkour shoes are a special kind of running shoes, whose main purpose is to allow the wear to feel as if the shoes are an extension of their own feet. Therefore, these shoes must not be something heavy and clunky that weighs them down when they try to perform some amazing parkour feats. Whether it be rolling and running, leaping or climbing a building, running up a wall, or running into the next move, you need to know that your footwear is going to improve your skills, not impair them or injure you.

So, if you want to protect your feet, you will need proper shoes. And to find them, you will have to learn their key features.

The weight

girl jumpingParkour shoes are usually lighter than hiking shoes, but heavier than running ones. That middle ground will allow you to strike a perfect balance with your body when you move from one point to the next. Your shoes need to become one with your body, the same way you become one with your environment. Try to find something that is strong, unobtrusive, comfortable, yet stiff enough to supply you with the necessary confidence you will need to perform parkour moves and tricks. Keep in mind that, when going from one obstacle to the next, the last thing you’ll want to worry about are your shoes.

The grip

When performing parkour moves and tricks, you need to be sure that your shoes have your back. Therefore, one of the most important features of a good parkour shoe is the grip of its sole. When looking for the right pair of shoes, make sure to look for one that features a one-piece sole, as well as rubber wrapped over the toe. A large number of major shoe brands have these characteristics, so you will have no problems finding one on the market.

The flexibility

When it comes to the flexibility, you will have to take your time to find proper shoes. That is why you need something that is specifically designed with traceurs in mind. The most important factor here is the material. For starters, it needs to be of high quality and well made. It also needs to be flexible enough, so as to allow you the freedom of movement, and stiff enough, so as to protect your feet and ankles. As you are running, jumping and free flowing around your surroundings, your shoe needs to flow freely around your foot. It needs to provide you with that extra boost that will allow you to cross the next obstacle and clear the jump. Last but not least, it has to be strong enough so as to hold up and not become too flimsy or torn over time.

Key factors

ParkourAs you can see, there are three major factors that make up an excellent parkour shoe. These should be your guiding points when purchasing new parkour shoes, especially if you are new to this discipline. So, to sum it up, they should be capable of protecting your ankles and feet, they should allow you to move freely without any interruptions, and they should be strong enough, so as to effectively handle all the pressure.…