Is the Effect of Psychedelic Drug Microdoses Real or Just a Placebo?

psilocybin microdosing

Research on hallucinogenic compounds has proceeded slowly but surely. Little by little, we understand more about them, what they do to us, and in what ways they can both benefit and harm us. A perfect example of the product is magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms. You can find them on multiple online platforms.

If you do not know where to buy shrooms, how much to take, or how to take them, I highly recommend the beginner’s guide on this website. A recent study shows the possible beneficial effect that microdoses of psychedelic drugs can have on our bodies. The research was published in a scientific journal and studied how effective these microdoses really were in enhancing abilities such as creativity.

psychedelic mushroomsBehind the study was the team of scientists devoted to studying the effects of drugs such as LSD and the active ingredient of the so-called “magic mushrooms” (psilocybin). However, they took both as equivalent, so they did not differentiate between the effects caused particularly by one or the other drug.

Microdoses of Psychedelic Drugs Are Believed to Have a Positive Effect on the Body

Previous research had found some positive details about the effect of microdosing psychedelic drugs. Likewise, the possibility that they could be effective in psychiatric treatments was recently raised. In this way, they could even be of help against conditions such as depression, anxiety, and other related mental health conditions.

However, so far, research on microdosing has not yielded conclusive results. In most studies, the cohorts investigated have been small, and only small placebo-controlled trials have been used. In these, differences have sometimes been seen between people who use microdoses and those who do not. But, at other times, the placebo effect seems to be present and causes the results to be mixed.

Is the Effect of Psychedelic Drug Microdoses Due to a Placebo?

191 volunteers received microdoses of the psychedelic drugs or a placebo so that the effect of each could be measured. The sample was divided into three groups. On the one hand, a first would receive the doses for a whole week. Then the second would have a placebo for this same period. Finally, the third would have a mixture of drugs and placebos that he would also ingest during the week.

magic mushroomsTo control the results, the researchers performed subjective tests on the emotional state and creativity of the participants. In addition to this, they also performed objective tests that measured their mental acuity.

At the end of the study, the researchers could not find significant differences in the three groups. In other words, a clear effect of psychedelic drug microdoses on the body could not be verified.…