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Items Every Serious Bowler Must Have

When you decide to become a serious bowler, there are several items that you need to have in your bowling bag every time you go to a bowling alley. Some of the items serve to improve your game while others are for protective purposes to ensure that you do not suffer any injury. Radical bowling balls is the highest rated brand apparently, and offers a number of decent bowling balls. Below is a highlight of some essential items, other than bowling shoes and balls.

Bowling Towel

bowling towel

The bowling lanes usually have oil spread on them. This means that your bowling ball will gather up some oil as you continue to play. You need to wipe off the oil from time to time if you do not want it to interfere with the path of your ball and mess up your game. A bowling towel is what is used to wipe and clean up the ball as and when required, making it a handy item to have.

Rosin Bag

Handling your bowling ball after it has gathered some oil means that your hands will also get some of the oil. For games that have high tension, the adrenaline you experience may also cause you to sweat in your hands. A rosin bag will help you to take care of the oil and any moisture that you may get in your hands to ensure that the ball will not slip away as you play. You should thus have a rosin bag within reach during a game.

Thumb Tape

There is a possibility of your thumb shrinking or swelling due to a variety of factors such as heat and humidity. This means that the thumb will no longer have a perfect fit in the thumb hole of the bowling ball. To avoid this, you should use thumb tape which when applied, ensures that the thumb remains snug.

Bowling Ball Cleaner

bowling ball

There are some coverstocks for bowling balls which are porous and can soak in oil from the bowling lane if the oil sits on the ball for too long. When this happens, the performance of the ball may be affected. This makes it essential to clean the ball thoroughly after you are done with playing for the day before you store the ball. A bowling ball cleaner does the job well to ensure the coverstock remains attractive and in good shape.

Wrist Guard

A wrist guard is simply used to offer support to your wrist. This increases your bowling precision and consistency as well as protects the wrist from injury.