How to make a good cup of coffee at home

Ever wondered why you are not able to achieve the right taste when you brew your coffee at home. Most of the people complain that the coffee they make at home is not as tasty as the one in the coffee joints. The difference comes in the method of brewing when making brew barista-quality coffee from home. The coffee maker that you use makes all the difference when it comes to the taste of the coffee. For home use, the ideal coffee machine is bean to cup because you don’t need a lot of coffee compared to coffee outlets.

Making coffee at home

Invest in a good coffee machine

There are tons of coffee machines available in the market today. The type of coffee maker that you choose will solely depend on the taste that you want to achieve. There are coffee machines that grind the coffee beans to give you a strong taste and smell. If you are the type that likes intensity in their coffee, the bean to cup coffee will be ideal. Other types of coffee machines include espresso makers and also coffee kettles. It all comes down to the type of coffee that you like.


Coffee beans are better than powdered coffee

While you might think grinding coffee beans every day is a lot of work, the truth is coffee beans are better than ground coffee. Buy your roasted coffee beans and store then in your house. You will be taking some coffee beans that you need and ground them at a time. The trick is to grind only for immediate use. Do not ground a lot of beans that you won’t be able to use at once. The idea is to preserve freshness and transfers the freshness into your cup of coffee.

Use filtered water

The type of water that you use to brew your coffee will determine the taste of the coffee. It is always advisable to use filtered water to get the real taste of coffee without any other impurities. You can always go an extra mile and find filtered water for your coffee.

cup of coffee

Origin of coffee beans

The origin of your coffee beans will determine the taste that you achieve. Coffee beans come from Africa, Central America, and South America. All these coffee beans have a specific taste and smell, and it all comes down to your preference.