Items Every Serious Bowler Must Have

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When you decide to become a serious bowler, there are several items that you need to have in your bowling bag every time you go to a bowling alley. Some of the items serve to improve your game while others are for protective purposes to ensure that you do not suffer any injury. Radical bowling balls is the highest rated brand apparently, and offers a number of decent bowling balls. Below is a highlight of some essential items, other than bowling shoes and balls.

Bowling Towel

bowling towel

The bowling lanes usually have oil spread on them. This means that your bowling ball will gather up some oil as you continue to play. You need to wipe off the oil from time to time if you do not want it to interfere with the path of your ball and mess up your game. A bowling towel is what is used to wipe and clean up the ball as and when required, making it a handy item to have.

Rosin Bag

Handling your bowling ball after it has gathered some oil means that your hands will also get some of the oil. For games that have high tension, the adrenaline you experience may also cause you to sweat in your hands. A rosin bag will help you to take care of the oil and any moisture that you may get in your hands to ensure that the ball will not slip away as you play. You should thus have a rosin bag within reach during a game.

Thumb Tape

There is a possibility of your thumb shrinking or swelling due to a variety of factors such as heat and humidity. This means that the thumb will no longer have a perfect fit in the thumb hole of the bowling ball. To avoid this, you should use thumb tape which when applied, ensures that the thumb remains snug.

Bowling Ball Cleaner

bowling ball

There are some coverstocks for bowling balls which are porous and can soak in oil from the bowling lane if the oil sits on the ball for too long. When this happens, the performance of the ball may be affected. This makes it essential to clean the ball thoroughly after you are done with playing for the day before you store the ball. A bowling ball cleaner does the job well to ensure the coverstock remains attractive and in good shape.

Wrist Guard

A wrist guard is simply used to offer support to your wrist. This increases your bowling precision and consistency as well as protects the wrist from injury.…

Reasons to buy a swing set for your kids

buying a swing set

backyard children playsetsA swing set is an important play accessory for your kids. Kids need to play and feel entertained at home, and the only way to do that is by buying a swing set for them. When buying backyard children playsets, make sure that you take time and consider durability and strength. You need to remember that you need to buy a strong swing that will support the weight of your kids. It is also important to look for other aspects of the safety of the swing set. There are a lot of reasons to buy a swing set for your kids:

Physical exercise

In the modern day, technology has made it impossible for childrenswing set to engage in physical activities. Children are now stuck to computer games, and they rarely get time to go and interact with other kids. Buying a swing set will give your children time to interact with other kids and also do some exercises. Some swing sets require children to do a lot of physical activities, and this is important in preventing obesity and other weight-related issues in children.

Social time

Your children can always have play dates with other children, and this will create time for socialization. Children need to interact with other children once in a while so that they can develop some social skills. If your kids keep staying indoors, then they might not be able to develop socially. A swing set provides a platform for interaction, and your kids will learn some social values like respect and also learn how to communicate with others.

Bonding time

Buying a swing for your kids will give you an adequate time to bond with your kids. Bonding means that you will get time to talk and interact with your kids. When kids are playing on the swing set, you can get time to start conversations as opposed to when playing in other games. You can take this time to make conversations that seemed to be impossible and bond with your kids.

swing set for kids

A fun activity

A swing is a fun activity for the kids. Playing on the swing is enjoyable because it promotes the problem-solving skills of the kids and they get time to solve problems. Some swing sets are complicated, and this means that the kids have to crack puzzles when playing. You need to buy a swing set that will be a fun activity for your children.…

Factors To Look For Buying An Exercise Bike

bike with training wheels

When you are looking for an exercise bike to buy, there are several factors, which you need to consider. Check some reviews of some workout bikes currently on the market. The following are some of the factors to look for:

Height adjustments

It is quite nbikeecessary to choose a bike that has an adjustable height. This will allow riders of all heights to use the equipment, which is a critical factor if there are many users riding it. It is necessary all riders be comfortable while on the bike. If an exercise equipment is not comfortable, it will rarely be used.


You should ensure the bike has a seat that fits properly and it should be large enough to accommodate all the riders of all sizes. If you intend to purchase an exercise bike from the traditional store, you need to try it first and see whether its seat is comfortable. If the seat is not comfortable, you can purchase a new one and install it on your exercise bike.


Pedals of an exercise bike ought to be easy to operate and offer smooth operation. Moreover, the majority of models available offer an easy way to strap the feet to the required place while riding.


This is an important consideration when you are using equipment with moving parts. Some parts of the chain need to be covered with a safety shroud. This can help you ensure safe operation and ensure your pets and children are not injured by the bike.

Weight rating

It is quite necessary to select an exercise bike, which can support your weight. The different bike models are known to have various weight ratings. It is quite necessary to select one, which is capable of providing pre-workout weight. The majority of these bikes are rated for a broad range of weights up to 400 pounds. Thus, finding one that supports your weight should not be a big issue.

Adjustable intensity

It is advisable texercise bikeo choose an exercise bike, which offers adjustable workouts. Most of them offer means of adjusting the intensity of the workouts. This is quite important when you are embarking on an exercise routine. The good thing about adjustable tension is that it makes workouts more intensive as the fitness levels increase.

Heart rate monitor

The other way of tracking your fitness level is to use a heart rate monitor, which is included in various models.   A heart rate monitor will help you track your progress and even workout intensity…

Need a field hockey stick? Pay attention to these factors when buying one

hockey stick and ball

Even though the sport of field hockey has been played in some corners of the world for long ago, it is only it the last decade or so that it has become worldwide recognized and popular. Nowadays, it is quite normal to see fields filled with children and adults, who are getting familiarized with this beautiful game.

If you are also one of those, who are interested in this game and would like to learn how to play it, you need to start from the basics, and one of those basics is the field hockey stick.

Learn the basics

player holding hockey stickWhen searching for a field hockey stick that will be perfectly suitable for you, its not necessarily buys the most expensive one. When choosing and making a purchase, it all depends on your specific needs and requirements and how comfortable you are, when using a field hockey stick. If you want to speed up the search process, you can easily check these top 10 field hockey sticks and make your choice. But, to make a good choice, you should first familiarize yourself with some important factors and features.

What is the most appropriate size?

First of all, start with the size of the stick. Make sure to base the size off of the ground level to your hip. However, these are personal preferences. The last thing you will want is a stick that is too long, which will make ball control much more difficult and complicated. In some cases, some field hockey players do prefer somewhat longer sticks, which are at least an inch longer than the height of their hips. This extra inch usually allows them to steal the ball from a defender much more easily, or defend their goal from an opposing player.

The positions and most appropriate sticks


Players, who play at the defender position, mostly prefer heavier and bigger sticks. These players rarely find themselves in offensive positions, where they are required to dribble a lot and attempt to score. For a defender, a heavy stick is much better because it allows him/her to stop the ball or the opposing player more easily. These sticks have to be heavy and large enough. So as to block or intercept the ball, without deflecting it into the goal. They also need to provide the player with enough power, to send to ball to the forward lines.


On the other hand, forward players mainly use lightweight sticks. They use them because they have to be extremely agile and quick, in order to dribble and evade the opposing defenders and score a goal. In these situations, heavy sticks would only slow them down and decrease the momentum of their hits.


Finally, midfield players prefer medium sticks, which strike a perfect balance between lightness and weight. These player are not primary defenders, nor are they scorers, but they usually have to play on both the offense and the defense. With medium sticks, these players can get low and steal or tackle the ball, and quickly transition into an offensive play, without being slowed down by a heavy stick.

The materials

hockey stickLastly, pay attention to the materials. In the past, these sticks were usually made from wood, but nowadays, they are mostly made from composite materials. The levels and origins of composites can greatly contribute to the power, stiffness and weight of the stick, so make sure that you find the one that will perfectly suit your play style and skill level.…